Meditation That Moves You Forward


The Meaning Behind the Name

Initially, this website was going to be designed around a moving meditation method that I’ve developed as a meditation teacher and enthusiastic practitioner. So I came up with the name “Meditation That Moves.”

Halfway into the project, I was becoming increasingly aware of the psychological effects that the pandemic was having on our collective mental health. As a result, I had an intuition to make this website more in touch with my personal journey and purpose by addressing the growing trend of anxiety and depression.

And, the theme and meaning of the name evolved to “Meditation That Moves You Forward.”

Almost as a spiritual practice, I welcome the unseen forces of the Universe to guide me as I move toward something. My experience has been when I learn to integrate intention with intuition, good things tend to happen.


“Attitude Is Everything”

Semantics aside, the point here is that our mood, attitude, and emotions significantly drive our response to people, places, and things. This fact is so far-reaching that the outcome of any significant event of our lives is riding on it.

If we can improve our emotional life, it changes the game entirely.

Meditation in general, and specific methods of the practice, can rewire the brain and offer relief from the unproductive states of mind that hold us back. We use meditation to move forward.

Modern Living and Poor Mental Health

Today, doctors and health experts realize that stress and mental health play a significant role in virtually all physical diseases. To make matters worse, poor lifestyle and eating habits (emotionally driven) can accelerate these problems.

Modern living is making us sick, mentally and physically. Unfortunately, poor mental health has become the new norm. This site was created to offer mindfulness-based solutions that offer relief and cultivate human thriving.

It All Starts With the Mind

Meditation is an ancient “mind medicine” that promotes a healthier, more resilient, slower-paced lifestyle when used in concert with mindful living.

Some fear that if they slow down, that they’ll lose their competitive edge. However, activity and productivity are not the same. In our coffee culture, it’s easy to confuse being caffeinated with being energized.

When we meditate, we cultivate an energetic calm that significantly improves productivity.

Do You Feel Stuck?

Or notice undesirable patterns and reoccurring events in your life?

Unfortunately, this is more and more common, and it’s rooted in societal conditioning, parental upbringing, and past trauma. Because this plays out in the subconscious, sometimes we need powerful tools of awareness to drill underneath the surface.

Depression. Anxiety. Anger. Loneliness. Addiction.

Meditation can help breakthrough destructive patterns and upgrade the emotions that are holding you back. No matter what type of mental health issues you may be dealing with, you’re not alone. Statistically, you or someone you love is “going through it” right now as we speak.

The good news is that we are starting to see people speak out and talk about mental health more openly. This is leading to more people seeking help and support. Meditation That Moves strives to be one of those places of refuge.

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