Mindfulness Training + Positive Psychology

A mindfulness mentor guides you through a process of healing, rebuilding, and thriving using customized meditations and positive psychology techniques. This unique integration of methodologies cultivates emotional ease and a growth mindset.

Mentoring That Moves You Forward

Modern times, especially these last couple of years, have inflicted enormous mental and emotional strain on society due to adverse and demanding circumstances. Extreme or extended stress can be debilitating, and the result can be frustration, functional paralysis, and even substance abuse. In these circumstances, the best starting place for moving forward is cultivating emotional ease (inner stillness).

Having a growth mindset is knowing that your competence and effectiveness can be significantly enhanced by seeking wisdom, using proven strategies, and taking massive action. As a result, you can achieve more than those who believe their talents are purely instinctive gifts. Instead, focusing on work ethic, curiosity, and humility is a better path to take.

Do any of these questions resonate with you?

  • Do you generally feel anxious or worried?
  • Do you struggle with panic attacks?
  • Do you have low energy or lack enthusiasm?
  • Is it hard to get out of bed some or most days?
  • Are you in a life transition with big changes?
  • Are you struggling with a work-life balance?
  • Have you been putting off important goals?
  • Are you doing well and want to uplevel your life?

I Can Help…

…if you feel stressed, stuck, sad, frustrated, lost, lonely, or overwhelmed. Or, if you’re crushing it and want to explore and expand human thriving.

Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength. In fact, all top performers have advisors and mentors that help guide and motivate them. I’ve been helping people in this capacity for well over a decade.

The basic structure of my method is simple:

  • Assessment
  • Strategy
  • Action plan
  • Encouragement
  • Accountability

Customized Meditation Tools:

  • Inner-Sage Meditation for healing
  • Counsel Meditation for clarity
  • Manifestation Meditation for creation

My Background

I’m a meditation coach, mind-body fitness enthusiast, and the founder of multiple mindfulness-based websites over the past 15 years. My academic background includes consciousness studies and positive psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and neuroscience via Harvard’s remote learning program.

My Story

The veil of the spiritual realm began to get lifted in my late teen years. Nature has been an important spiritual teacher throughout my life. I vividly remember when I was 21 sitting on the breakwall rocks in Redondo Beach at 1 AM, staring out at the vastness of the ocean for hours; it was confounding to feel so alive and vulnerable at the same time.

I Was Dying

At age 27, my spiritual path took a massive leap forward my first year at the University of Michigan, where the practice of meditation found me. For five years, I studied meditation under a professor who was a shaman. She was the first person to teach me the importance of connecting to Nature, that many of humanity’s problems could be traced back to how we lost our connection.

The timing of some important mentors and meditation couldn’t have been better. Collectively they saved my life. At that time, my binge drinking and crippling depression pulled me deep into some dark places. To be honest, I was on a runaway train to the ultimate sacrifice.

However, this personal hell was a blessing because it forced me to pursue self-care and healing with a passion. As a result, I stand here today spiritually aware, clear-minded, light-hearted, and robust. I just needed someone to show me the way; this is possible for you too.

My Voice

Before creating Meditation That Moves, I produced a 5-star rated podcast called Conscious Contact featured on both Apple Podcast and Spotify. When COVID happened I witnessed the emotional toll it was having on our country, community, and individuals. This lead to the decision to put a hold on the podcast and transition to one-on-one mindfulness mentoring services to have a deeper impact.

Below you will find three episodes of my podcast that’s relevant to the work we will do together. It also serves as a sampling of how I think and speak about the subjects of positive psychology, meditation, and human emotion.


Conscious Contact

Struggling With Meditation?

Even if the standard meditation advice left you frustrated or you struggle to make meditation a daily practice, I can help. One of my strengths is helping my clients remove the tension and self-judgment that typically prevent the meditative state from happening.

You don’t have to be “good at meditating” to harvest the fruits of this transformative practice. The benefits begin as soon as you close your eyes and breathe easy.

Meditation as Easy as Breathing

My method of teaching meditation one-on-one has yet to leave a student feeling lost or frustrated. On the contrary, meditation can be as easy as breathing.

I teach meditation how my mentor taught me, which comes directly from an indigenous medicine man (shaman) who lives in the Andes Mountains. The key is ritual, consistency, and non-judgment.

I’m honored to pass this lineage and these sacred teachings down to you.

Intro Session (Save 50%)

This one-time-only introductory session is offered at a 50% discount, so you can see if this is a good fit for you before moving forward with my monthly services. Also, I will help you find clarity with your personal situation and offer some initial action steps.
Please scroll down and click on “Clarity Consultation” to schedule your session.
Pricing: $300 $150