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Common Questions

What is a mindfulness mentor?

A mindfulness mentor guides you through a process of healing, rebuilding, and thriving using mindfulness training and positive psychology techniques. The goal is to cultivate emotional ease, energetic calmness, and a growth mindset.

What is positive psychology?

Contrary to what the name sounds like, positive psychology isn’t a social science designed to help you stay positive. While traditional psychology studies emotional imbalance and suffering, positive psychology examines human thriving. Genetics and brain chemistry aside, it’s clear that we can improve our quality of life by simply doing what happy people do regularly.

What is a growth mindset?

Having a growth mindset is knowing that your capabilities can be significantly enhanced through proven strategies, putting in the work, and seeking wisdom from others. As a result, you can achieve more than those who believe their talents are purely instinctive gifts. Instead, focusing on work ethic, curiosity, and humility is a better path to take.

What Is Mind-Body Fitness?

The short answer is mind-body fitness combines mindfulness practices with physical fitness. These alone positively impact mental health and emotional wellness, but they can significantly enhance this effect when integrated.

What is manifestion meditation?

Manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through intention, focused emotion, and awareness. If we introduce a meditative state of consciousness while focusing on the desired result, it can have profound effects.

Some critics indeed think that manifestation is silly woo-woo stuff. However, much of the scientific community is starting to research the power of human consciousness and take this phenomenon more seriously.